Organic fertilizer for Roses and Flowers DCM 1.5 Kg

Organic fertilizer for Roses and Flowers DCM 1.5 Kg


Special organic fertilizer for the rich flowering of roses but also for all kinds of ornamental plants. Its composition favors the formation and intense coloring of flowers and leaves.
Packaging: 1.5 Kg, Box
Cultivation: Flowering, Roses
Frequency of application (days): 90
Cultivation area: Garden, Balcony
Application month: February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

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Allows you to enjoy numerous and fragrant flowers! Its unique composition of naturally produced materials such as cocoa tree bark, extracts of selected plants and their by-products, offers plants unique quality food.

Unique characteristics:

  • Slow release-continuous nourishment to the plant!
  • Ideal for long and intense flowering of roses
  • Suitable for all ornamental flowering plants in pots and in the garden
  • Enrichment with potassium and magnesium for strong plants, colorful flowers and dark green foliage
  • Activation of beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  • In minigran form for perfect distribution and absorption, without dust!
  • Safe for humans and pets

Provide ground level if possible. In dry periods, spray to accelerate the action of the product.
1) Roses / flowers for cutting (carnations):
Planting: 1.5-2Kg / 10m2 or 1-2 handfuls per plant.
Spring: 1.5-2.5Kg / 10m2 or 1-2 handfuls per plant.
Maintenance: 1-1.5Kg / 10m2 or 1 handful per plant every three months.
2) Ornamental shrubs:
Maintenance: 1.5-2Kg / 10m2 or 1-2 handfuls per plant every three months.
3) Pots:
Planting: Mix 5-8 gr / lt of soil or 1 teaspoon per plant.
Maintenance: Provide 5gr / lt every 2-3 months or 1 teaspoon per plant.

Product description
DCM Organic Fertilizer for Roses and Flowers is the ideal source of nutrition for plants in need of balanced nutrition during their growth. It is designed to grow healthy plants in a special category such as roses and ornamental flowers. In particular, it increases flowering, strengthens the delicate and fragile root system and enhances the vibrancy of colors in both flowers and foliage.

Organic fertilizer NPK 6-4-10 + 2MgO
(6% total nitrogen N of which 6% organic nitrogen, 4% P2O5 phosphorus pentoxide, 10% K2O potassium oxide, 2% MgO magnesium oxide).

Suitable for organic farming according to Community Directive 2092/91.
License of the Ministry Agr. Development No. 10 (2008)




Organic Fertilizer

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